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The world is seeing the beginning of a spiritual war 

Are you wondering who is actually attempting to take over the world?

The world is seeing the beginning of a spiritual war. For somebody to understand the spiritual war, we must first understand who is LUCIFER and who is the anti-christ, and where did they come from? It will then be clear why such evilness is growing exponentially on earth, every single day. This will also prepare you for the horrifying years that are coming our way. 

What nobody knows, is the simple solution that is needed to bypass the horrifying years that are coming our way. All that God is asking us is to do one thing. (please read article to the end it’s for your own benefit)

Only he who will understand the real role of the anti-christ (son of the devil) towards humans, will be able to fully understand the role and works of the anti-christ on earth. In order to understand the role and works of the anti-christ (son of the devilon earth, first we need to speak about the devil (LUCIFER).

Who was LUCIFER? What was he at the beginning of God's creation? And how did he fall, later to become the leader of the spirit of darkness that is, of demons?

Before God created the material world that we know - the sky, the earth and us the human beings - He created an invisible spiritual world, which cannot be seen with our human eyes. This invisible spiritual world are the angels of God. The angels are the most beautiful and glorious creations of God. They live in the most wonderful kingdom in the world; the heavenly kingdom of God. Their existence is flooded with the light and the love of the spirit of God. That is why they shine with heavenly beauty. Τhey love the father and the only begotten Son of God with absolute obedience and devotion. God gave them many gifts and the great gift of free choice, to be able to freely decide between good and evil. God wants all his creatures to love him and follow his divine commands, but, of their own free will.

The angels, proportional to the work given to them by God, are divided in 9 large groups; the nine angelic orders. In the beginning there were 10 angelic orders. Leader of the 10th angelic order was one glorious archangel called Lucifer. Lucifer at some point envied the glory of the Son of God, and decided to take Ηis place and his throne in a deceitful way. He wanted to also become God, and to rule over all of the creation of god. He tried to persuade many angels to believe him and follow him in his satanic choice.

At that moment another archangel, Michael, helped the multitude of angels to understand the wickedness of Lucifer and not to be seduced by him. God was greatly saddened by the selfishness and ignorance of Lucifer, but also by the angels who followed him. God was greatly saddened because while Ηe knew that what they did was wrong, and insulted their God, they did not repent and did not apologize for their mistake.

So, God in order to prevent the infection of the sainthood of the heavenly kingdom, He removed Lucifer  and his departed angels out of the heavenly kingdom and into HELL. The grace of the Holy Spirit that until that moment flooded their existence, left them. And the light with which they shone was lost. From beautiful, they became so ugly that no one could look at them without being afraid of their satanic form. Τhe virtues and gifts they had were lost. Their existence was filled with hate and evilness for God and his creation.

God then decided to replace the 10th angelic order. So, he made his most perfect creation. Man! So, whoever of his people would live on earth the right way, like angels, according to his holy will, will be the new 10th angelic order ιn his heavenly kingdom.

Lucifer and his deamons envied us humans because we, the humans would replace the 10th angelic order they had in the heavenly kingdom. Lucifer and his deamons hate us humans very much, and they fight us with a lot of cunniness and evil, so we would not live according with the will of God. They want to make us bad and cunning as they are, so we will not go to heaven. Thus, with the passage of time, they managed with deceit and cunninness, to make man stray away from God.

So God, in order to save his perfect creation, has sent his own son, Jesus Christ, το come to earth as a messiah. Jesus Christ with his own divine teachings and his own sacrifice opened the doors to heaven for all of mankind. With His divine teachings he taught us the way to return to the true path of God. And with his crucifixion, he set us free from the shackles and power of Satan. The coming of Christ was the greatest merciful act of God to save man from the tyranny of Satan.

And Satan then prepared a new satanic plan against man with which he would deceive the people. The new satanic plan of lucifer concerns the mission of his son to earth, the antichrist. Lucifer is sending to earth his son, to be born like a human, and to one day become a great world leader in the political and religious life of the whole world. To become the satanic messiah king, who will replace Christ, and all the Christian teachings of the gospel about love and morality in the souls of man. In this way he will become the son of lucifer, the real antichrist.

The purpose of the antichrist will be to deceive people and convince them that if they want to be truly happy, they will have to renounce Christ, and the commandments of the gospel, and to follow him on the easy road of his satanic choices. To follow him to the immoral descent of uncontrollable carnal pleasures; violence, wars, magic and generally any satanic desire. In this way, he would quickly and steadily undo the results of the Lord's crucifixion sacrifice with you, and bring man back to his satanic bond.

The design of Lucifer is perfect and very deceptive. If he manages to convince people that he is the real messiah who will lead them to perfect happiness through the enjoyment of all his false idols, his success will be conclusive. In order to ensure the complete success of his plan, in order to have complete control over human existence on earth, he implemented two satanic plans.

The first concerns the human body and the second its soul. As far as the human body is concerned, he will try to mutate it (change it) with the help of science and technical diligence. So instead of acting on the basis of the divine piety that God created, to act on the basis of the commands of the artificial piety which he would direct, and his satanic son.

To achieve his goal, he will take two important steps. First, he will make the human body a numbered component, which can be easily controlled, and second, it will turn our body into a peculiar ‘computer’ with a operating system which, will be programmed and will be constantly updated. Thus, the human body will be completely controlled by him through technical diligence. 

 In this way, he really wants to make his eternal satanic dream come true. That is, to transform the creature of God, man, into a satanic man who will be the catechism and assimilation of the devil, and his satanic work.
(catechism: A text summarizing the basic principles of a Christian denomination, usually in question-and-answer form.
catechize: To teach the principles of Christian dogma, discipline, and ethics by means of questions and answers.)

In order to achieve what I mentioned earlier, he will put in various ways, inside the human body, tiny robotic mechanisms, with high nano technology, which will work like artificial craftsmen on the human DNA, and will gradually turn it into an numbered components of technical intelligence.

These robotic mechanisms will also be the ones that will connect the mutated human body, as a numbered component, to any form of digital application which you will connect through technical intelligence to the beast's central super computer.

So. the first satanic plan with which the mutation of the human body would be accomplished, in combination and with the second satanic plan that would concern the soul, would complete his plan for the complete deception and dependence of man on his satanic bonds.

What is the second plan that the devil will be able to completely deceive man?
This is the devil's grand plan to tell all people that he is a true god, whom all people must obey and follow his commands, through the satanic gospel that the devil's son (the anti-christ) will preach.

Surely he (the devil) knows very well that this cannot be easily achieved, that is why he will try with incredible deceit and cunningness to oppose the basis of the prophecies of the Old Testament and the divine redemptive work of Jesus Christ. 12:51 That is, from the teaching to the miracles of Christ, and from the divine birth to the crucifixion and holy resurrection of Christ, and wants prove that he (the devil) is the expected messiah of the prophets.

The devil will try with various false and untrue facts, to prove that his son, the antichrist, is the real messiah who will save the people from the suppression of Christ's commandments, about love and salvation.
(suppression: Conscious exclusion of unacceptable desires, thoughts, or memories from the mind)

He will proclaim the supremacy of his own satanic gospel, and invite all people to live and enjoy naively the submission of all forms of immoral idolatrous idols of the world, and secondly to accept his satanic proposition that, each human being is god with the right to do what he wants or likes. These two constitute the basic teaching of the satanic gospel, with which the devil aims is to nullify the sacrifice, that is results of the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

By what facts will the antichrist prove through the Bible that he is the expected messiah?

These will be the basic points on which he will rely to prove them.
1) The birth
2) The crusifiction
3) The resurrection
4) And his miracles

The way in which Jesus Christ was born was miraculous, since his conception in the womb of the Virgin Mary had nothing to do with the way in which every human being is born.

The Bible clearly tells us that his holy conception was made by the holy spirit. God wanted his son to be born not with the spirit of man, which would bring him human imperfection and weakness, but from the Holy Spirit, so that our Lord Jesus Christ would be a perfect God and a perfect man.

That made the devil jealous, wanting his own son to be satan, with the spirit of Satan, but also man, since as a human he would deceive people in order to follow him. Of course, since he (the devil) is also a creation of God, he cannot create man, since the only creator is God. So he will have to resort to deceit again. He revealed his evilness and deceit many times to many people, both saints and sinners.

His appearances are known to saints in various forms, whether as an animal or as a human being to intimidate believers, or to provoke ascetics.
(ascetic: A person who renounces material comforts leading a life of self-discipline and self-denial, especially for spiritual improvement.)
Many ascetics have experienced such appearances. I will give you two examples to show you the deceitfulness of Satan.

In the life of Saint Marina, he appeared like a dragon with horns to kill her. Agia Marina grabbed him by the horns and with a hammer began to beat him. The demon was powerless to react and flee. He was hurting, he was screaming, and he started to continuously shrink to the point where he would disappear.
In the life of Saint Antonios, disturbed by the holy ascetic life of the ascetic, Satan appeared as a naked girl, who flirted with some young men and did with them unnamed acts, in order to offend our saint. 
So he will do something analogous to the most important and top event of his satanic historical path, which is the birth of his satanic son (the antichrist).
In order for Satan to prove to the world that the birth of his own son was meant by the prophet Isaiah when he spoke of the virgin birth of the messiah, and not of our Lord Jesus Christ, he will use a false virgin woman dedicated to him.
Thus, during a satanic ceremony, they will proclaim the son of the devil, after a peculiar critical form of spiritual enthusiasm, with obvious carnal acts between a woman and the devil. The spirit of the devil, and the spirit of this myriad woman, will abide in the body, so that, that that will be born, is a peculiar demonic existence of the pseudo-man, of which will be called the antichrist. The satanic spirit will be born, will grow, and will be raised into unique wealth like a prince.

From the existence of the antichrist, from his birth to the coming of age, the most frightening satanic events will take place. Invisible satanic forces will guard and protect him. 
Mystically, he would be replaced by another baby so that after his birth he would be adopted, as a real son, of a man with a terrifying secular and economic power. He will grow up in fantastic wealth and he will be educated with the most perfect knowledge of everything; fortune telling properties, therapeutic possibilities, very cunning proposals and decisions on various social and geopolitical problems, and many more that he will do with the help of his father - the devil – which will gradually raise him to be the appropriate future world leader of which everyone must obey and submit to.
He will be perfectly acquainted with the psychological methods of disguise, every reaction of our enemies, and quite faithful to his persuasive point of view. He will have the spirit of pure cunning and deceit that his father (the devil) has.

That's why he will deceive people with a unique art. He will show that he loves people, and all the creation of God, but in practice he will do the exact opposite. All the people will be in a state of emergency every minute of the day by the police.

The kinds of machines that man will use for his various needs in the house, will be the ones through which will watch him day and night.
The supposedly smart and convenient devices will become the nightmare and the informal prison of the frightened people. There would be nothing hidden from him (the devil), and his satanic state.
With a lot of cunningness and during time of peace, he will exterminate millions of people around the world, with fabricated pandemics. Through the media it will promoted that he is defending the health of the people, but he will be acting deceitfully for the certain extermination of the people with various drugs, which will be advertised by the pharmaceutical companies controlled by him.
He will intervene drastically in nature and in the climate of the earth, which will cause a global upheaval in all those elements of nature, from which is determined the smooth growth of trees and plants.

The waters will be polluted and the four seasons of the year will be annulled. All the fruits will be produced by his own controlled food factories.
That is why he will monopolize every food for the survival of the people, so that no one can survive on his own. The survival of the people will become a mere nightmare. In his days, property would be non-existent. And they will all live in apartments provided by his satanic state. He would thus thoroughly control accommodation, food, light, water, and oil.
At that time, there will be so many things that will be happening, that I do not want to think about them or even talk about them. In his (the devil) days it will become the world's largest genocide, of which only a third of the world will remain.
QUESTION: You were talking about some passion and resurrection of the antichrist, what did you mean?
At some point in his satanic domination, and while he will be admired by all his subjects, he will be assassinated. His wound will be deep and in some way fatal. With the help of his father (the devil), and with the help of the most perfected to the maximum degree artificial life, he would be healed and resurrected.
This will cause a global upheaval for his loyal followers, who will see his resurrection as a great miracle, as in the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, and will glorify him. At that point he will claim to be god, but also a ruler of life and death.

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Did you figure out what is the solution in order to bypass the very dark years that are coming? 


π. Ελπίδιος (father Elpidios)

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