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If Christians do not confess their faith, if they do not react, such people will do even worse things. But if they react, then they'll think twice about it. But I suppose many Christians nowadays are not made for battles. The early Christians were tough nuts; they transformed the world. During the Byzantine period, if even one icon was removed from the Churches, the people rose up in protest. Here Christ was crucified so that we may be resurrected, and we remain indifferent! If the Church does not speak up so as to avoid a conflict with the State, if the metropolitans do not speak up in order to be on good terms with everybody—and especially with those who help them with the church foundations, if the monks of the Holy Mountain do not speak up for fear of losing their subsidies, who is going to speak up!
- St. Paisios the Athonite

You have witnessed the wise words of Saint Paisios. After having gone through all articles coming straight from the mouth of Saint Paisios, do you have any doubt on the immense love that our Lord Jesus Christ has towards humanity?

Why would anyone in this planet hate so much the bible, the words of Jesus, and Jesus himself? The anti-Christ and his accomplises (the evil elite), through extremely slow motion brainwashing through television, for many decades now, has successfully placed seeds of doubt into the preachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

 Unfortunately, the majority of the populace in Montreal, Quebec, Canada has not sensed the urgency of the situation. The fact that everyone is not ready to fight to the death for their freedom to preserve their inaliable rights, is the reason why the dictatorship is coming in (in slow motion). I'm writing this article on Nov 21, 2021, at the point where the the government is proposing Bill C-273; national strategy on guaranteed basic income. By accept this guaranteed basic income, you are in fact accepting the dictatorship. 


"One has to realize what Communism is. Not merely a power-mad political regime, but an ideologic-religious system whole aim is to overthrow and supplant all other systems, most of all Christianity. Communism is actually a very powerful heresy whose central theses is chiliasm1 or millennialism. Communism specifially attacked the land which had most nearly retained her ancient Christian traditions - Holy Russia. 

Propaganda portrayed Bolshevism as a political/social uprising, which is what gullible individuals throughout the world still imagine it to have been. But the "revolution" was far more than this - it was actually a battle against Chrristianity. The Bolsheviks hated not only the emperor, but everything he represented. They were not content to see him deposed, but wanted him and every member of his family killed, so that the ancient link of Christian monarchy extending back to Constantine the Great would be forever severed. 

The Russian Revolution was clearly satanic, and its entire success depended on the extermination of the last Christian monarch. If communism had failed in Russia, it would have died the inglorious death it deserved." 

- Father Seraphim Rose / An Orthodox Christian Perspective on the End times by Dennis E. Engleman / ISBN: 0-9622713-9-x


Chiliasm - The doctrine stating that Jesus will reign on earth for 1,000 years


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 Watch the videos below to see the evilness that is growing within people that do not have Christ inside them. We have chosen this preacher (David Lynn), since we have previously seen some of his videos. The point of these videos is just to see how lost and misguided the world has become. 

Without Jesus Christ in your heart, is the beginning of Hell on earth!


David Lynn in Old Montreal, summer 2021